Keen to know more about our plans for Northbridge? Then you’ve come to the right page!

Keen to know more about our plans for Northbridge? Then you’ve come to the right page!

What have we done so far?

We’re a young ‘Town Team’ – we’ve only been around since mid-2018. We’ve been busy ‘getting our ducks in a row’ and building the foundation for a solid and sustainable group, including:

  • Registering as an incorporated not-for-profit association
  • Appointing our Executive Committee, including key roles – chair, treasurer, etc
  • Building our Facebook and Instagram community (like/follow us!)
  • Creating this website so you can stay in touch
  • Figuring out what we can offer our business and community members

What are we doing now?

In 2019, we feel we’re ready to now focus on brainstorming ideas for our Action Plan – our overarching strategy that helps keep us organised, efficient and on track.

Of course, we can’t do everything – so as a group we have decided to focus on these key strategy areas for our 2018-19 Action Plan:

  1. Creating a Northbridge Common brand, and place marketing
  2. Supporting and promoting local businesses
  3. Supporting arts and creativity
  4. Hosting events that connect our community
  5. Promoting sustainability and greening
  6. Representing our community to government

We hope that excites you too!

We welcome all ideas that fit with our key strategy areas above – get in touch here. Your ideas may form part of our Action Plan.

Here is our draft 2018-19 Action Plan, which will give you an idea of our history and how we came to be, and also bring you up to speed. Here’s the link to the On William draft Action Plan too. The first quarter of 2019 will see us populating the “actions” part of our Action Plan – exciting times! If you want to contribute, then do get in touch.

Every Town Team has an Action Plan – this signifies to local governments and our other sources for funding that we have objectives and a plan that we’re working towards. Having said that, it’s an iterative, fluid document that will change and be updated according to factors like our funding and resources as a team, community input and the economic and social conditions of Northbridge.