The City of Vincent and the City of Perth have event grants up for grabs – if you have an idea for an event in Northbridge and you want us to help you get it together, then get in touch!

But hurry, grant apps close end of Feb-ish, so we need to work together fast!

Remember, any ideas for events will need to sit well with our key strategy areas, which are:

  1. Creating a Northbridge Common brand, and place marketing
  2. Supporting and promoting local businesses
  3. Supporting arts and creativity
  4. Promoting sustainability and greening
  5. Hosting events that connect our community
  6. Representing our local community to government

So if your event idea will help make Northbridge better, or supports one or more of our strategy areas, then great – drop us a line here.


Local event – Wednesday 20 February, 6-8pm
How To … Create an Event on a Shoestring Budget

How can you create a cool local event on a shoestring budget?

Hear from town teamers and others who have done it! Join us at this free event, open to everyone. Venue to be confirmed, Northbridge (it’s been so popular, we might need to find a bigger venue!). You’ll learn stuff and meet lovely people!

This event is brought to you by the Town Team Movement, and we’re supporting this and helping them deliver it in our ‘hood.

Book your spot here.