We love our local community! We invest our time and energy to bring our community together through events and activities, and fun place making projects. We build strong networks and empower each other to celebrate everything our unique and vibrant neighbourhood has to offer.

We partner with the City of Vincent,
the City of Perth and other supporters
to advocate for positive change and
promote all the great happenings
on our hood. We are one of many
neighbourhood groups supported by the

Town Team Movement.

Meet The Commitee

If you are passionate about building community in the suburbs of Northbridge, Highgate, and Perth, and can offer time, support, ideas and/or resources to our cause, drop us an email to find out how you can get involved.
All welcome!
Before getting in touch, we recommend reading the Town Team Charter to ensure you understand our mission and our values are aligned.
We are all about creating positive change in the Neighbourhood, not complaining about its woes.

Our Action Plan

Compiled by Element advisory in April 2021, our Action Plan covers the history and demographics of Northbridge, and outlines a roadmap to achieve our vision.

Our Strategies and Focus areas


through supporting community and
business-led activation, as well as cultural
celebrations. All the facets which bring
positive life and energy to our streets,
laneways, parks and businesses.


is the ‘hard stuff’ – from greenery to public
art to create a neighbourhood people want
to spend time in.


by using our networks and marketing
channels to create awareness and
engagement, while advocating for positive
change and investment.


by maintaining quality governance, effective
quarterly reviews and positive, constructive
meetings. Making sure we’re striking up wins
in the most efficient, effective and enjoyable
way possible.