Ellie Cottrell

I’m a Marketing Coordinatorby day, and am stoked to haverecently come on board as the Social Media & Marketing Co-Manager at Northbridge Common. I’ve wanted to be more involvedin my community for a while, so Ijumped at the chance! As a ‘wordnerd’ who is passionate aboutwriting, it’s also an honour to beentrusted with telling some […]

Rae Hoff

Hailing originally from California,I am a former public relations/marketing specialist turnedinternational educator and amproud to join NBC as secretary andco-marketing manager. I havewritten for local and internationaltravel sites and magazines,in addition to volunteering onseveral committees for non-profitorganisations. As someone whohas lived in several countries, Ienjoy making strong connectionsin my local community to create asense of […]

Adrienne Barnes

I currently work in finance, butworked in different industries overthe years. These roles have onething in common, engaging withpeople. I thrive in the companyof others, always curious andeager to listen to someone else’sstory and perspectives, wherebetter than in my own wonderfullyeclectic neighbourhood! I lovebringing people together; NBCis the perfect extension to thisand am proud to […]

Elizabeth Thomas

I’ve been living the dream inNorthbridge since October2017, loving my work as casuallibrarian for two local governmentorganisations. I also createand deliver dynamic, inclusive,interactive, community-focussed,and fun-filled English languageconversation sessions. Supportingmigrants as they navigate newlives, languages, cultures andetiquette in Perth has motivatedme since I first started meetingisolated home-based parentsfrom South Sudan while workingwith the City of Mandurah.

Miles Noel

I’m a freelance graphic designerand photographer who hasrecently stepped up to NBCChair. Previously I’ve designedplacemaking graphics whichignited my passion for place, andI believe community connectionis vital for a fulfilled and happylife. I’ve been a proud Northbridgeresident for almost 5 years, andfeel privileged and honoured torepresent the best neighbourhoodin Perth!