Ellie Cottrell

I’m a Marketing Coordinatorby day, and am stoked to haverecently come on board as the Social Media & Marketing Co-Manager at Northbridge Common. I’ve wanted to be more involvedin my community for a while, so Ijumped at the chance! As a ‘wordnerd’ who is passionate aboutwriting, it’s also an honour to beentrusted with telling some […]

Rae Hoff

Hailing originally from California,I am a former public relations/marketing specialist turnedinternational educator and amproud to join NBC as secretary andco-marketing manager. I havewritten for local and internationaltravel sites and magazines,in addition to volunteering onseveral committees for non-profitorganisations. As someone whohas lived in several countries, Ienjoy making strong connectionsin my local community to create asense of […]

Adrienne Barnes

I currently work in finance, butworked in different industries overthe years. These roles have onething in common, engaging withpeople. I thrive in the companyof others, always curious andeager to listen to someone else’sstory and perspectives, wherebetter than in my own wonderfullyeclectic neighbourhood! I lovebringing people together; NBCis the perfect extension to thisand am proud to […]

Elizabeth Thomas

I’ve been living the dream inNorthbridge since October2017, loving my work as casuallibrarian for two local governmentorganisations. I also createand deliver dynamic, inclusive,interactive, community-focussed,and fun-filled English languageconversation sessions. Supportingmigrants as they navigate newlives, languages, cultures andetiquette in Perth has motivatedme since I first started meetingisolated home-based parentsfrom South Sudan while workingwith the City of Mandurah.

Miles Noel

I’m a freelance graphic designerand photographer who hasrecently stepped up to NBCChair. Previously I’ve designedplacemaking graphics whichignited my passion for place, andI believe community connectionis vital for a fulfilled and happylife. I’ve been a proud Northbridgeresident for almost 5 years, andfeel privileged and honoured torepresent the best neighbourhoodin Perth!

Our Action Plan (finally!)

Picture of Northbridge Common workshop with local business owners and stakeholders.

Want to learn more about us? Click here to access our Action Plan. This is a working document frequently updated to reflect how we can #CelebrateNorthbridge through four main areas to Activate, Champion, Shape and Manage the vibrancy of our neighborhood. Download the Action Plan below, and if you want to get involved then send […]

Northbridge Community Group

Picture of Yagan Square and Perth

We have just launched a brand new Facebook Community group so that we can better connect with people who live and breathe Northbridge. We want to hear stories of what’s happening in the area, and most importantly build a community who love Northbridge as much as we do! Join in the conversation and community and […]

Northbridge Connects (Again!)

Picture of the Northbridge Common Community, with everyone standing around a frame that says 'Northbridge Common'

Over the last few months, we’ve been working with the support of Element Advisory to finalise our Action Plan, which we are so excited to share with you. As a neighbourhood group of residents, businesses and creative folk, we are on a mission to #CelebrateNorthbridge through how we can Activate,Champion, Shape, and Manage our neighbourhood. […]

Northbridge Common AGM

Picture of a street festival with lots of people and a Northbridge Common sign.

Come along to our next AGM! We are seeking nominations for the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and four Ordinary Committee members. If you are passionate about leading projects in Northbridge, we encourage you to nominate! Nominations are due by 25th of October. You can also become a member for a nominal fee of $10 allowing you to vote at […]

Northbridge Connects!

Northbridge Connects Event: Mingle, Meet & Network.

Come along and meet your neighbourhood residents, businesses and enthusiasts at Northbridge Connects! It’s an event for the community to reconnect, and a great opportunity to meet some of the Lord Mayor Candidates running in the upcoming City of Perth elections. Come along, have a drink with us and if you have a question you’d […]